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Public Programs


Information about services may not be complete or accurate. In addition, each program has requirements that may change without notice. For accurate information, please contact these resources with your questions. 


Governor's Cabinet for People with Disabilties

Governor's Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities

Governor's Office for People with Disabilities, Edward Butler, Executive Director, 866-229-9337

Contact Ed Butler for help with any disability issues.




PUBLIC PROGRAMS - Descriptions and contact information

1. Assistive technology lending library - at The Institute on Disabilities, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA at

2. Attendant Care Program (or sliding scale Act 150) - Waiver program  for those on Medicaid who need assistance. Age 18 or older -

3. Centers for Independent Living - Many around the state - a wide array of services for adults with disabilities. Go to:

4. CommCare Waiver - Waiver program for those on Medicaid who need assistance. Age 21 or older, disabled by a traumatic brain injury -

5. Drug Education - Philadelphia Police Department Heads Up Program - provides drug education in schools to prevent brain injury - To schedule, call (215) 685-1120 or 1121.

6. Early Intervention - for children age 0 - 3 years - extensive services  

7. Early Intervention - for children age 3 - 5 years - Intermediate Units

8. Head Injury Program of the Department of Health - includes one year of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation to a maximum of $100,000 in services. The TBI must have occurred after July 2, 1985 and you must be 21 or older. Asset and income limits apply. You will have help in completing your application. For  information, go to Call 1-866-412-4755.

9. Housing & Home modifications -

10. Independence Waiver - Waiver program for those on Medicaid who need assistance. Age 18 to 60, all disabilities -  

11. Medical Access - Also called Medicaid and Medical Assistance. Pays for all children under 21 who are disabled regardless of parent income or assets. Parents only provide several pay stubs if they are working. A special program allows hospital social workers to expedite applications for disabled children. Also covers adults with low income and assets and their children. Federal law requires Pennsylvania to provide all necessary services to children on Medicaid, including brain injury rehabilitation. See Section 1396(d)(r)(5) Early & Periodic Screening Diagnosis & Treatment (EPSDT) for required services to children. General information for Pennsylvania at Apply for Medical Access on-line at or at your County Assistance Office - state may pay private insurance premiums for your child to save the state money:

12. Mental retardation services - for those with an IQ under 70 prior to age 22 -
The Consolidated Waiver for those age 3 or older -
The Person/Family Directed Support Waiver is also for age 3 and older -

13. Michael Dallas Waiver - Waiver program for those of any age who are on Medicaid and dependent on technology - it appears that this waiver may be combined with the Independence Waiver.

14. OBRA Waiver - Waiver program for those of any age who are on Medicaid who became disabled prior to age 22. All disabilities -

15. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation - Regional OVR Offices provide assessment, training, placement, and job coaching for those with disabilities. There are requirements, including the capacity for competitive employment within 18 months. Further help is available, if needed, after discharge from the program. Go to and click on the map for a local office.

16. Social Security has three programs. The full retirement age for Social Security includes Medicare but the age is being extended out. Social Security Disability is available for disabled workers with sufficient quarters of earnings but they must wait two years for Medicare. Supplemental Security Income is available to those with low income. Medicare is available to disabled  adults 18 and older and dependent children under age 18. Both Part A and Part B of Medicare include in-home services. For Medicare coverage questions, call 1-800-633-4227. For Medicare denials, call 1-800-322-1914.
To apply, go to:

17. Transportation -

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